We’re baaaaack!!!!

Hi everyone! The last time you heard from us was in November and Andrew had just lost his job completely unexpectedly. We were totally blindsided but trusted God that it was happening for a reason. We prayed about it a lot and eventually decided to put our adoption fundraising on hold.

Since then, Andrew has become successful in real estate and we have been provided for financially. We have not given up on our aspirations of adoption and we decided that now is the time to start our fundraising back up.

If you followed us before, you know that we were going through American Adoptions and our expected costs were around $40,000. Well, God has a plan for everything and since then He has made it clear that the route we thought was the way to go, was not the way at all.

We have found a potential child, but for now, that is all that we can say (sorry to be “those” people). It’s exciting, but it’s also much more real now which is a little scary. Luckily, this adoption will be done privately which puts the cost around $12,000 (still a ton of money, but way more realistic than $40,000).

For now, we are going to start taking donations on our Go Fund Me again. We may do some fundraisers in the near future, and we will definitely keep you updated on those as time progresses.

As always, we appreciate prayers and financial donations. We trust that we are going down the path meant for us, and for the child in question.




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