Step 1: Take a step


It was a simple email and most likely just a stock email automatically sent to us, but I already have a feeling that it’s a message that’s going to change the rest of our lives.

Dear Danielle and Andrew,

Welcome to American Adoptions!

And with that, we’re off.

Frankly, it’s taken me a lot of time to get to this point. Heading into adulthood I never pictured myself adopting a child. Of course, I never pictured myself getting married either, but here I am married to a beautiful woman who’s my best friend and better half. Married and the dad to a beautiful one year old daughter, Brooklyn. I’m happy that my life hasn’t turned out the way I pictured it would be back when I was younger. Moments like these are a reminder that God does have a great plan for our lives. Sometimes all you have to do is wake up and take the next step.

And that’s what led me to this point.

Danielle, my wife, has always wanted to adopt. She’s wanted it so bad that it became more than just a desire for her, but more so a calling. I wasn’t always on that page and again, if I can be frank, I actually resisted it for some time.

But when God calls He doesn’t stop ringing until you answer the phone, and after thought and prayer I realized that Danielle was right. There’s a reason she hasn’t been able to get pregnant for over a year and there’s a reason she has such a strong burning desire in her heart to adopt a baby.

It’s not just what we want to do. It’s what we need to do — what we’re being called to do.

Of course, that doesn’t make it any less scary for me. I was anxious to be a father before and yes, I am anxious about the process of adoption. There are so many twists and turns on the road from what I’ve seen so far. So many hoops to jump through, complications that can arise. Emotions that have to be dealt with, and that’s all before we take home our new baby boy or girl!

It’s a scary place to be in, not knowing what the future holds but knowing you have to keep pressing on and moving forward, but it’s also kind of exciting, isn’t it?

It’s exciting to me knowing that now that we’ve signed up with American Adoptions we are basically 1-6 months away from being placed with a birth mother — who we plan on supporting and communicating with if she desires — and we’re 1-9 months away from having our new child!

We’re basically a few news cycles away from being mom and dad to a newborn again, and that’s not to mention that Brooklyn is soon going to be a big sister. She loves playing with her baby dolls (she’s recently taken to changing their diapers, though she’s not all that good at it yet) but soon and very soon she’s going to be taking care of a real, live, living breathing baby brother or sister.

It’s crazy to think about. It gets my heart racing and fills me with anticipation. A bit of fear too, if I’m being honest, but there was a time when I was afraid to be Brooklyn’s dad and now I’ve come to realize that outside of marrying Danielle that was the best thing that has ever happened to my life.

It feels crazy taking these bold steps of faith and some of you probably agree. Some of you probably actually think we’re crazy.

But that’s okay, because I believe that we’re walking down the path that has been paved for us well before we ever realized it. I believe that we’re going to change some child’s life for the good, forever. We’re going to give some little human a better chance to make it in this world. A better chance to perhaps have more opportunity. A better chance to perhaps get to know God the way He wants us to get to know Him.

So if that’s crazy I’m okay with it.

I believe that everything will work out and we will be able to emotionally, physically and financially provide for our new child. I believe that even though it may be tricky and emotional at times, we will be able to raise this child even though we won’t be his or her biological parents. And I believe that when the time comes, and if he/she is willing and it’s a good situation, we’ll somehow find the grace to talk about his/her real parents, and perhaps even give them the opportunity to know each other — if that situation is safe and do-able.

So call me crazy, but I believe this will work.

I may have been reluctant at first, but I’m setting my eyes on the horizon and moving on ahead.

I’ve taken a step forward.


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